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Subscribers to the Chicago Blues Examiner typically have an interest if not an all-out passion for our home grown version of the Blues.  Invariably we will have a friend inform us that the blues is depressing.  Of course we know it is a music of overcoming and healing.  Blues helps overcome depression and today I’m going to show you how we can take that power a step further... (more)  

Live Chicago Blues often happens late at night, in bars. I don't have a problem with late nights, or bars. At least I am willing to put up with late nights and bars to get my fix of...  (more)

I waited all year for Buddy Guy to play at his own club Legends, and now...   (more)

On this particular night Greg left the gig and headed home to find his house had burned down.  Just like that.  Gone...    (more)

The New Hope Center is pleased to announce the musical lineup for their second annual Blues Fest... (more) 



Blues and BBQ go together as well as boogie and woogie.  Chuck’s BBQ in the Chicago suburb of Burbank has become an award winning source for some of the region’s best BBQ.  People...  (more)



I feel better now. The long awaited move of Buddy Guy's Legends to its new home is finally complete. I must admit to having had anxiety over the... (more)





Damn, I wish I had said that. That is essentially my mission here in The Examinerand with Chicago Blues Beat, and wherever else my ... (more)



The Toddlin’ Town is gearing up for the very large and very free Chicago Blues Fest. Just as baseball fans know batting averages, fence distances, trivia and strategy, serious blues fans make it their business to be authorities on the art form. Blues fans in Chicago however... (more)


If you, like me are one of those blues fans who can’t get enough, I have just the thing for you. Nearby Dominican University is hosting The Blues & the Spirit Symposium II... (more)