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        Hey Blues Players !
As most of you know, I take more pictures than I can use on the Chicago Blues Beat website.  Many of you have asked for pictures for your own websites, myspace, CD art, or promotional materials.  You may use these images, free of charge for these purposes.  I am not a photographer, but rather a Blues fan that takes pictures.
If you want the digital pictures, please email me with the date of the gig.  If you just want prints of the pictures you see on the site, SmugMug offers prints at very competitive prices right from my gallery.
I am happy to report that many fans from outside our Chicago area have found our site, and are looking at pictures of you.  Postings from this site are also used by Blues Blast e-zine and The Examiner which further extends your exposure.
Chicago Blues Beat also includes links to your own sites.  This is so fans may contact you directly for music and product sales, or booking information.  If you ever find a bad or a missing link, or a name misspelled, please correct me.
Finally, please feel free to comment or rate the pictures. 
Thank you,
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